Video Editing - workflow case study project

Podcasting type video edit - from raw footage.

This section shows the process of how I develop and edit. Taking basic raw footage, colour correcting, improving and modifing it, for an initial long-form 16:9 video, then editing key points down down to smaller, shorter 9:16 vertical reels and shorts - adding captions, subtitles, audio and animated graphics for a more modern, dynamic and attention-retaining style.

Stage #01 Unedited raw shot footage

Basic poor quality original video with bad sound, light and colour.

Original raw footage - person 01

Original raw footage - person 02

Stage #02 Long-Form 16:9 edit

Improved & colour-corrected version. Edited into a 3 minute version with graphics and audio.

Podcast long edit 3 min - 16:9

Stage #03 REEL & SHORT 9:16 versions

A further edited vertical "reel" version maintaining the main structure. Then split into two "shorts" at under a minute each.

REEL version edit 2.41 mins

SHORT video edit 01 - 58 seconds

SHORT video edit 02 - 58 seconds