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General information

» You can contact me here if you want to hire me or just want to enquire about something:

» All work master-files are backed-up and stored, so if you require repeat work, regular changes or updates to existing jobs these can often be made quickly and at reduced cost - unlike many online job bidding sites where the designer or original artwork might not be available the next time something needs to be altered - and a restart from scratch is required.

» All work is handled in strict confidence and never shared, distributed, mentioned or shown to any other clients or agencies - except by permission or request.

Privacy information

This website does not collect any client data whatsoever and does not use cookies. But obviously this doesn't include links to any external third party websites such as YouTube or LinkedIn which this website connects to, and no reponsibility can be taken for their content and operation if you visit them via this website.

Terms and Conditions:

If job is agreed, ordered and produced, payment is due regardless whether the client could use it in their final project or not - in certain cases limited roughs might be provided for approval without charge, and this will be agreed & specified beforehand in writing.

Invoicing & transfers:
Payments can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. Invoices can be sent via PayPal (this does not require the sender to have a PayPal account) and is often a good option if making bank transfers is problematical (small surcharge may apply).

Quality control & proofing:
While every effort is made to ensure all work is completely correct and produced according to the a brief, including checking spelling, the client is ultimately responsible for all final proofing & checking information provided (telephone numbers, addresses etc). No responsibility can be taken for work subsequently submitted for advertising or printing purposes etc and any loss of money this could incur as a result.

Language, spelling & units:
British English spelling is normally used by default, but American English, Microsoft English or any regional variations can be used if specified. A translation service for Spanish is available. Work can also be produced in other languages, but clients will be responsible for providing text and proofing. Units of measurement are normally metric, but imperial (feet, inches etc) can also be used.

Copyright issues:
It will be assumed that clients providing their own material for use have the proper copyright permissions or have made arrangements or payments for the rights to use the material. No responsibility can be taken for clients who provide material they do not have permission to use or any legal action taken against them. Work will be discontinued if any client is found to be knowingly using material in breach of copyright. A selection of royalty free stock images (or licensed images) can be purchased from various outlets, or custom work produced.

Time & work hours:
While every effort is made to complete work as quickly as possible and meet deadlines, some delays might be unavoidable due to factors such as volume of work and bad planning by clients. Stating that a job is “urgent” is no guarantee that it can be done immediately. Work and contact with clients takes place during normal (European) weekday working hours. Jobs & Emails submitted on Friday evening (for example) will be reviewed on Monday morning.

Backup copies:
Backup copies of clients work are kept and work that has been paid for is available if required. However the applications that created some documents might be required to open them - and these will not be not supplied.