Short-form Video Design & Editing

Short-form videos and video editing for advertising, social media and general information

Short videos & adverts for Social Media or embedding directly onto a web page. Videos can be produced in HD or any size required & adapted to suit any style or subject. Typical formats for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook etc. I can edit, modify & cut larger, long-form footage down to incorporate it into smaller, short or vertical video - add subtitles, music & audio, colour correct and grade etc. Animate with After Effects. Also see the Video Design section for longer videos, 2D animation and other motion design work on YouTube.

Real Estate off-plan sales video (section)

Sofas sale store banner

Spinnaker Waste End Titles & logo

Appliance store offers banner advert 2

Supermarket weekly offers video advert

Computer Store video advert

My Guide logo animation & Facebook intro

Empty placeholder for video